Beezer on Dragons’ Den

Beezer appeared on BBC Dragons’ Den on the 26th of August 2018, receiving offers from four out of the five Dragons.

It was an experience unlike anything we’d ever done as a company before. There’s a good chance you’re visiting our site right now after having seen our pitch and are wondering what the experience was like, what the toughest part of the pitch was, and what the aftermath was like.

Here is everything you need to know about our time on Dragons’ Den.

There are pitches, and then there are pitches

There are moments in business where you try to play it cool when going into a meeting. You want to showcase a product and let people see how it can benefit them.

Walking into Dragons Den, though – that’s another feeling entirely. Usually a pitch, even when in front of a large group, can go well when you get a feel for the room and know you’re comfortable enough presenting a new idea to a new face. Not in Dragons Den. You’re standing in front of 5 potential and renowned investors in the middle of a TV studio with cameras pointing everywhere. To say it’s daunting would be an understatement.

Carrying out a bypass

The main focus of the pitch was to highlight the biggest stumbling block that businesses, no matter what size they are, have with apps: the app store.

Building an app and having it look perfect so it’s ready to rock is one thing. Making sure your intended audience can find it and use it is another. You can equate getting a new app to finding something in that kitchen drawer that everyone throws random things into. It will have what you need from time to time, but you’ll really have to go digging to find it.

But imagine having an app that’s ready in an instant and doesn’t even need to be found to be used. Instead of searching through that drawer for an hour, you get those missing nail clippers delivered straight into your hands! That’s the bypass Beezer provides.

Mobile apps made easy

Would you rather have to phone a developer every single time you need a slight tweak or update to an app, or be able to log in yourself and fix an issue in two minutes?

Watching the pitch, you’ll see that simplicity was the key theme and something the Dragons all loved. With Beezer, you don’t need to be a tech expert to make an app. Anyone can create a unique app that they’ll be happy with.

Increasing product awareness and boosting sales

The problem many apps have is trying to convince a user that it’s worth their while having it downloaded on their phone. Why would someone use valuable space for an app when anything else can go there?

It’s important to remember that Beezer builds Progressive Web Apps, so any app created solely exists online. It takes up a tiny fraction of the space a standard app does, and yet can still act like a regular app.

A new way of thinking

Apps are usually bogged down with several restraints that can seriously hinder the user experience. As Deborah Meaden said during the pitch, “I love that it’s disruptive because businesses don’t have a choice…(but) there is a different way of doing this.’’

Beezer is all about pushing the way we think about apps. If you’re wondering how it can work for you, take a look at some Beezer case studies and how different businesses can use Beezer for a variety of reasons.

What does standing in the Den feel like?

Tense and then some. As we mentioned in our interview with, “There was a situation where we thought things could change in the Den. It was tense [and we weren’t] quite sure which way it was going to go.”

Which Dragons presented an offer?

We had four of the Dragons take an interest in Beezer: Tej Lalvani, Touker Suleyman, Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones. Jenny Campbell was the only Dragon not to make an offer as she wasn’t “personally wasn’t excited by [Beezer]”. If only she had a go making her own Beezer app, she would’ve found out that making your own app is easy and fun.

Who invested and for how much?

We were delighted that Peter Jones wanted to invest £125,000 in Beezer. If you watch the full video, you can see how tense it gets towards the end.

Did Dragon’s Den attract attention?

We’re hoping that you reading this right now is an indication that being on the show helped a lot of people find out about Beezer. When you believe in something as passionately as we do with Beezer, you want everything to go perfectly.

With the positive reaction we got from so many people after the show, it helped show that people love the idea of being able to build their own app and not have to send thousands. In fact, after the show aired, we had about 20,000 new users sign up and start making their own apps.

Can anyone try Beezer out?

Won over by the pitch as well? Then you’ll want to give Beezer a go.

You can sign up for free and start building your own PWA right away!

We have several options available for any type of user, whether you’re working solo and want a simple PWA for your personal project, or have a number of businesses that require their own app (our Expert plan offers members 15 apps to take control of).