Start your mobile business and generate income by building and reselling no-code apps with Beezer's white-label service.

Your app

Your app, your rules. You can do anything with it without any limits.

Your price

Set any price you want and start generating revenue right away.

No coding

Develop hundreds of customized apps without any coding!


Create apps with your own branding and custom domain name.

progressive web app builder

Start your own app business

Whether you are an agency that wants to build apps for clients, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur that wants to start your own app development business, we’ve got you covered.

You don’t need to have skills in coding, hire developers or spend countless hours figuring where to start from. With Beezer’s white-label mobile app builder, creating your own app development business is fast, easy, and fun. And the best part – you set your own pricing!

Our platform is fully white-labelled, which means that the Beezer brand will be hidden from projects you create. You can have your own custom domain name and send branded emails to your audience.

Tiered Login

With Member Login, users can register to access your app or certain restricted pages within it - using their email.

Delegated Access

Beezer enables multiple apps to be created under one account - and then delegated individually for management.

Real-Time Updates

App managers can make any changes to their apps and see them appear in real-time, without lengthy approval processes.

Direct Distribution

Distribute apps directly to your audience via SMS, email, social media, a website widget, or even a QR code on print media.

3rd Party Integrations

Beezer has existing integrations with a variety of third-party tools as well as a full suite of social media and streaming options.

In-App Sharing

Since Beezer Progressive Web Apps work across all devices and OS types, they can be shared across previously incompatible devices.

App Builder Features

Direct distribution

Skip app stores and remove the extra steps for users - you can distribute your app directly via SMS, Email, Social media, ads, or even a QR code.

In-app sharing

Users will be able to share your app with their network, on social media or via email quickly & easily, and across devices incompatible for native apps.

Real-time Updates

Make changes to your app and see them update in real time, skipping the frustrating and lengthy approval process that happens for native mobile apps.

PWA experience

Enjoy the full experience of PWAs - they are progressive, responsive, secure, linkable, app-like and with offline functionality, among other features.


As opposed to native apps, progressive web apps can be indexed by search engines, allowing you to boost traffic through SEO.

Offline mode

Coming soon! Develop fast and light progressive web apps with offline capabilities. Your users will be able to access your content at any time!

Push notifications

Send instantly, or plan out and schedule your automated push notifications ahead of time with Beezer's powerful feature.

Member login

With our Member login feature, you will be able to choose who can access your progressive web app and which pages they can see.

Live chat

An interactive and engaging tool that allows logged in members to search for other members and reach out directly to them via live chat.


Explore the behavior & engagement of your users with your app. Leverage our analytics tool to improve your content backed by data.

Appointment Scheduling

Your customers can easily book and schedule appointments with you through our awesome integration with Appointedd.

Form & Vote Building

Collect valuable feedback and suggestions from your app users through our comprehensive form & vote building components.


Is there a limit to the number of apps that I can build?

No. With Beezer’s Reseller plan, you can build an unlimited number of apps. We also offer an Agency plan if you are planning to build less than 30 apps – however, you can always upgrade if you need more.

How can I generate revenue?

You can generate income by adding a creation fee to each app that you build for your clients, setting any price you want. You can charge for maintenance fees, modifications, and any additional services.

What kind of apps can I build?

You can build apps for a variety of industries – Health & Fitness, Restaurants, Online Courses, Retail, Local Businesses, Real Estate, Wedding, Religious and Charity Organizations, etc.

Is it possible to build extra features?

Additional support can be provided in a Beezer Reseller according to your needs, including features, exclusive integrations, managed template creation and more.

Can I get help building my apps?

Absolutely. You can always get in touch with our support team if you need any help – they will be happy to answer all of your questions, as well assist in resolving any kind of issues.

How should I price my apps?

We don’t participate in the business relationships with your clients. We don’t get any commissions from your sales, which means that you have the flexibility to price them as you wish.

How Beezer works


Create an account and start your 14-day free trial to begin building your app development business.


Give your app a name and select the template that fits your needs the best.


Add pages, drag & drop your preferred components, and personalize your app until you achieve the desired result.


Publish your app to all platforms simultaneously & share it directly with your audience via URL, QR code or email.

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