Brands are predicted to abandon native apps

September 1, 2017

Mobile apps have enjoyed tremendous growth in recent years. A 2017 Ofcom study revealing a shift from computers to mobile devices, for online access, shows that the fuel for mobile apps’ growth is there.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that shift should come in the form of Native Apps. Quite the opposite.

An undergoing change from native to progressive

At the beginning of this year, Gartner came out with a very bold prediction: 20% of brands will abandon their Native Apps by 2019.

This, Gartner claims, is due to better alternatives making their way to the forefront, such as Progressive Web Apps. Obviously, we couldn’t be more in agreement – PWAs have an enormous benefit, and many businesses will turn to them as a viable alternative that better suits their needs and their customers.

Native Apps suffer from greater challenges in terms of ROI, as their development and continued support is increasingly expensive. The app stores are also failing to help smaller businesses in this regard, as we highlighted in our previous article.


Big brands are already going for Progressive Web Apps

The American business magazine Forbes recently posted an article on their website, remarking the positive changes they have noticed since rolling out a Progressive Web App.

Better performance, quicker response and faster loading times were some of the changes. PWAs allow features like push notifications, but require no app stores to be distributed – and the big names have caught up with this.

Not only Forbes, but also names like Washington Post, the Weather Channel and Twitter have all rolled out Progressive Web Apps of their own.

Are there numbers showcasing PWAs success?

There are many successful case studies for Progressive Web Apps, but just to give you an idea:

The fact is that PWAs are still looked upon with some skepticism due to the institutional inertia resulting from fear of change. But as soon as you delve deeper, the science and the numbers are there to support a new way of tackling the mobile market.

What about SMEs and individuals?

Native apps involve considerable development and marketing costs, not only in terms of their initial setup, but also for their on-going maintenance. Very few small business owners possess the required budget to keep a team of developers and designers working on an app.

Bespoke app development is not at everyone’s reach – far from it. But small businesses risk losing their ability to compete if there is no transition to the mobile market. Websites are no longer enough, so what can be done?

Beezer is democratising mobile apps

We are proud of our mission – ensuring that every independent business owner and individual can access the tools to create a mobile app.

Our progressive web app maker offers you the capabilities to put your business at your customers’ fingertips. Forget the prohibitive development costs, or the hassle of getting app store approval – there’s none of it with Beezer.

Create a Progressive Web App and start sharing it immediately – via email, SMS, QR Code, or a simple url. There will be no middleman between you and your users, no app stores retaining part of your profits.

Stay ahead and keeping moving forward

Even Apple, who sees significant profits from its app marketplace, has acknowledged the importance of Progressive Web Apps. With an increasingly broken distribution model, app stores are likely to start losing ground to these new developments.

With our platform, there’s no reason for your business to lag behind. Change and adapt to the new reality of mobile apps, and we’ll happily provide you with the tools you need to make the most of it.








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