Progressive Web Apps are here to stay

August 9, 2017

Although the Internet is often synonymous with opportunity and progress, it can also be guilty of getting too stuck in its ways. Websites have pretty much been a staple part of it since the beginning, but are they still the best-suited medium for emerging businesses and developers?

A Progressive Web App, or PWA, proves that there are better tools out there, and that websites have the potential to reach a much greater number of people, with greater efficiency and at a lesser cost for companies. Here’s why, and how Beezer can help your PWA triumph.

Beezer gives you everything you need to create a successful Progressive Web App

Beezer is an online app maker that allows anyone to create and manage their own PWA, with an easy to use interface and affordable cost. Simply by setting up an account, you are granted immediate access to all the tools we provide, including the possibility of integrating the most advanced features into your PWA.

Beezer allows a newcoming user to create a PWA and have it running on the same day, empowering its users.


Stay connected to your Progressive Web App, online and offline

With businesses becoming increasingly reliant on their 3G and 4G connection in order to work, it can not only be stressful to find yourself in an area with poor coverage, but it can even be damaging to your business.

While standard websites require you to be connected at all times, a PWA enhances the user experience by working completely offline.

This could also open up businesses to users with limited data availability, providing them with an incentive to explore their brand and products with limited expenditure of mobile data on their devices.

Benefit from better performance

Speed and responsiveness are essential to assess the overall quality of a website, and they have a direct impact on user retention. Compared to a regular website, PWAs deliver a significantly better performance, by relying on service workers, therefore bypassing non-essential information in order to access a website’s raw data.

This means less waiting for website pages to open, and actually more content getting delivered straight to your user.

Make an App, without needing the App Stores

PWAs allow the user to install them directly onto their device via the Internet browser, which is a great alternative to an App Store that has neither the developers’ nor the users’ needs as its priority.

An increasing number of browsers will actually prompt the user to install the PWA upon its first use, and pin it to their device’s homepage, and for developers and businesses this provides a welcome relief from a slow and wearisome App download process.

Free from download times to go through, PWAs integrate features like push notifications and multi-platform support, while using comparably less mobile data and not encumbering as much storage space on a user’s device.

Increasing accessibility

Due to their sleek performance and lightness, PWAs universality surpasses the limitations of both websites and apps, being just as accessible to lower end devices as they are to higher end ones.

By cutting the App Store middleman and burdensome installs, a Beezer PWA can be shared via a simple SMS, Social Media, Website Widget QR Code or even a shortcode, available to use immediately. This cuts costs for users with expensive mobile data plans, reduces businesses’ exposure to unreliable network coverage, and guarantees an engaging experience easily made accessible to everyone.

PWAs are true to their name, giving everyone the same opportunity to benefit from their contents, without the limitations of a standard website, or the inconveniences of a typical mobile app.








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