To App or not to App: Why your business must go mobile

August 16, 2017

It’s 2017, and the paradigm is shifting. Today’s society is growing increasingly connected, and mobile is now taking centre stage in the way in which users access the Internet. If your business still hasn’t made that shift, now is the time to do so with our mobile app builder. A Beezer Progressive Web App is a solution that can help you achieve this goal easily and efficiently.

Mobile devices’ popularity is growing

According to the latest statistics, there’s a decreasing trend in users relying on their laptops to go online – in comparison, the use of mobile devices keeps increasing, even at home. A recent Ofcom study revealed that about a third of 16-34 year olds only use devices other than computers to go online.

This means that more and more customers look to a mobile alternative for doing their shopping. If your business isn’t competing in this market, you may be wasting potential customers.

A Progressive Web App bypasses any need for an app store, allowing you to reach your customers much more effectively. You can create a competitive mobile app without the burdensome development and marketing costs usually involved in creating a native app.

You are also given the tools to share it directly with your customers, across multiple devices, through a simple SMS, QR code, Social Media, or a shortcode.

Gain customers and keep them

With a Beezer mobile app installed on your customers’ devices, you will be increasing your business’s potential and ability to retain customers. Even when users aren’t opening your app, they will see it, allowing your company to invest marketing resources elsewhere.

Add features like push notifications, and you will actually have a way to communicate directly to customers, offering appealing services and deals. These notifications can also be geographically based, allowing your business to tailor specific offers to a targeted set of customers.

Besides keeping your customers engaged through these notifications, a mobile app can also be used as a loyalty rewards scheme that works for your type of business.

Retaining an existing customer base is less costly than investing in new customer acquisition, so nurturing the existing users of your app by providing them offers and benefits for continued use can be a worthwhile investment for your business.

Benefit from knowing what your customers want

Another great advantage of making your business go mobile is the amount of data that you will be provided with. Gone are the days when businesses had to rely on outsourcing expensive agencies in order to gather customer data.

Today, mobile devices provide a privileged source of information, in that they are at your customers’ fingertips most of the time.

Through your app builder’s analytics, you can keep track of what customers are searching for, what products attracted the most clicks, and what people are demanding from your business, so that you can respond appropriately.

Having access to your app’s analytics provides a unique map for your business, and allows you to plan accordingly. Rather than investing in market surveys, you will have the real data at your disposal.








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