Heart Felt Wishes

Heart Felt Wishes

Discover how 3D card supplier Heart Felt Wishes increased conversion by integrating their WooCommerce account onto a mobile app.

Heart Felt Wishes

Heart Felt Wishes is a 3D card supplier providing a unique card experience for any occasion.

They used the Beezer platform to create their mobile app and saved a lot of money on their development costs.

With their Beezer app, Heart Felt Wishes were able to provide a direct link on mobile between their products, providing a clear line for customer conversion.

The app allowed for the integration of their WooCommerce account to take payments, as well as the ability to send out Push Notifications to keep their customers updated with new products and offers.

Heart Felt Wishes were also able to use our Form Component to capture information directly from their customers.

Comments and Votes from each section of the App could be collated to understand where the event could be improved in future years and which sessions provided the most engagement levels. Over 1600 votes were gathered and over 150 comments.

Guests found the mobile conference app easy to use and navigate, enabling them to access vital information throughout the day. Over 75% of the delegates installed the App onto their device with even more accessing the browser version of the Progressive Web App.