How it works

No idea how to build an app?

No problem – Beezer uses an intuitive system which allows you to drag and drop features into your app, publish the finished product and engage directly with your customers.

No coding, design or development experience required.

Beezer allows you to cut the cost of app development, avoid the crowded app marketplace, and get your app directly to your customers where it belongs.

Take the power back into your own hands and build your app with Beezer today.

Create & Publish

Using Beezer’s intuitive drag and drop toolbox, you can quickly add and remove features, building your custom app from scratch in just a few minutes. Once you’ve created your killer bespoke app you can publish it to all platforms and devices immediately, with the push of a button.


Sharing your completed app with your target audience is a breeze with Beezer. Share your app using whatever method suits your needs best, by text, email or social networks. You can even print a link on your brochures and adverts utilizing our unique QR code generator.


The fun doesn’t end with the launch of your app. The Beezer platform allows you to update and add to your app on the fly and at no extra cost, so you can always deliver the very best user experience for your customers. We’re constantly adding new features and functionalities to the Beezer platform, and the moment we add them, you can too! Beezer is packed full of analytics too, keeping you armed with all the info you need to monitor and track the ongoing performance of your app.


Beezer puts the power at your fingertips and allows you to engage and communicate directly with the users of your app. Leveraging the power of scheduled and automated push notifications and direct SMS messaging, you can keep your users updated on new products, let them know about new content, or remind them about your next big event.


Design your pages and components using the app builder’s drag and drop system
Publish your app to all platforms simultaneously
Share your app directly with your user base by text, email, social media and more
Update your app on the fly and engage with your users with push notifications. Follow these 4 steps with Beezer and you’ll have your own badass app in no time.


Building your own app doesn’t need to be a massive undertaking, when you use the power of Beezer.

No coding knowledge, no design experience – no problem.

Beezer’s intuitive drag and drop app building tools allow even total novices to build a powerful, feature-packed app in a matter of minutes. Simply choose one of our prepared app templates and then tweak away to your heart’s content.

Gone are the days of hiring an expensive app developer to do the work for you. Beezer truly puts the power in your hands, allowing you to build a bespoke app with no fuss and for a fraction of the price.

Beezer apps are Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, which means that they function as websites as well as apps and don’t require installation to devices. Accessing a PWA, like a Beezer app, is as simple as clicking on a link. This dramatically expands your potential customer base and removes potential barriers to access, like different operating systems, as PWAs will run on any device – even desktops.


Having an app has become an almost absolute necessity for businesses today, but they are expensive and time consuming to develop, with no guarantee of success at the end of that long development tunnel.

App stores have become bloated with millions of apps competing for the attention of an audience that simply doesn’t have the time or interest to search through them. Ever wonder how often, on average, adults download new apps from the app store? It’s between 0 and 1 times per month – in other words, pretty much only when they get a new phone! On top of that, the vast majority of actual app usage is dominated by Facebook-owned apps and games. This means that the thousands of small business -owned apps that are uploaded into the apps stores every day are just getting lost, unable to compete.

Beezer allows you to cut out the middleman and skip the app store completely, sharing your app directly with your customers. By allowing you to save on the cost of a developer and avoid the app store, Beezer helps you to create an app at a fraction of the price you would otherwise pay. Don’t worry, though, saving you money doesn’t mean that Beezer apps skimp on the features.

The Beezer app builder comes with an ever-expanding feature list, with the flexibility to build everything from a large digital storefront to a local booking app. A diverse range of plug-and-play components allow for integration with booking platforms, Social Media, and essential tools like Shopify, WooCommerce, and other third-party integrations.

Cut your development costs and build your app, for less, with Beezer. Get started for free today.


App developers have been plagued with the same dilemma for years – should you develop an app for iOS or Android?

The answer has always been the same – choose whichever operating system the majority of your audience uses.

This has one clear drawback, though, no matter which system you choose: you’ll always be excluding part of your potential audience. To get around this, many apps are developed simultaneously for both iOS & Android, but this often means twice the work and, more importantly, twice the budget. Paired with the lack of guaranteed success at the end of development, thanks to crowded app stores, there is a potential here to lose twice the amount of time and money.

Once again Beezer is to the rescue.

When you build an app with Beezer, you don’t have to ask this question at all. Beezer apps will run on both iOS & Android without any additional development time or investment required.

When you push your Beezer app live, it is immediately accessible on any and all devices – even tablets and desktop computers. No fuss, no agonising - it’s really that simple.


By helping you to build your own app without the need for a developer, Beezer puts the controls directly in your hands.

Leveraging our easy-to-use building and updating tools, you can work on your app and keep it fresh all on your own. No paying for consultation, design or update fees. Beezer gives you complete control over how your app looks and works, now and forever.

Mixing and matching Beezer’s powerful features on the fly helps to keep your app up to date as your business expands, grows and evolves. Add and remove functionality as you launch new products and services, and push out updates to your customers to keep them on the same page.

With Beezer your app will always be your app.


Creating a strong digital identity is at the heart of modern business, so it’s no surprise that most businesses understand the importance of having both a website and an app.

Just like app development, creating a website can be an expensive and drawn out process which often feels entirely out of your control. Choosing a CMS platform, design/layout and then hiring a developer to put it all together can leave you at your wits end. You will then often be reliant on going back to the same developer if you want to make updates or add anything new to the site. Thankfully that’s not the case with Beezer.

As a Progressive Web App your Beezer app functions as a website too, with all the features and capabilities that you would expect from a modern site.

The design and structure of your app will remain the same when used as a website, keeping your digital presence unified and removing the need to fiddle around with settings.

Beezer also comes packed full of components that can be utilised to improve both your app and website experience, including Social Media integrations, member logins, video integration and more.


Beezer takes the cost and risk out of app creation so that you can focus on delivering a great app experience for your customers, without worrying about the nitty-gritty of development.

Streamlined from the starting line, Beezer helps you to build a feature-rich app which will run on any platform in just a few minutes of your time. With the power of Beezer’s diverse components and features, you can customise your app to provide the functionality you need, whether you are a barber shop, local event or up and coming digital store.

Beezer will and truly puts the power in your hands.

What could be better?

Get started on your digital future for free today with Beezer.

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