101 Ways to Promote Your App

101 Ways to Promote Your App

Once you’ve built your app with Beezer, sharing is easy – you can get your content directly to your audience with a URL. But how can you get more traffic? We’ve compiled 101 awesome ways to promote your app. 

1. Start with Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that, as opposed to native mobile apps, progressive web apps can actually get indexed by search engines just like regular websites? This is an excellent opportunity for you to get steady monthly traffic without spending on ads by optimizing your app. You can find more information here.

2. Post on social media regularly

Being able to share your app with a single URL means that your audience is one click away from getting to your content. For this reason, you can easily leverage your social media channels to post regularly and drive more traffic to your progressive web app. Pro tip: post at least 3 times per week to increase social following as well!

3. Promote on Google Ads

While advertising a native mobile app on Google Ads can be more challenging, and doesn’t allow you to make the most of all ad formats, it’s not the case for progressive web apps. Advertising a PWA is actually quite easy, and you can take advantage of multiple ad formats by leveraging the power of the URL. You can learn how to do that by visiting our article 5 Steps to Promoting Your PWA on Google (Progressive Web Apps).

4. Start a blog

Another great way to promote your progressive web app is by leveraging the power of blogs and the traffic that they bring organically. You can use the blog on your website to promote your PWA, or embed it straight into your app with Beezer’s iframe feature.

5. Include a link to your PWA in your email signature

Placing a link to your progressive web app in your email signature is a quick and sneaky way to drive more traffic to your app. Pro tip: include a banner or an icon to make it more visual.

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6. Use a pop-up on your website

If you have an existing website, one awesome way to drive more traffic to your progressive web app is to cross-promote them. For example, you could place a pop-up on your website with a Call to Action and a link that takes back to your PWA so users can check it out.

7. Include a URL or a QR code in your business card

Another awesome way to promote your app is to include it in your business card. You can directly place the URL just like you would do with your website, or generate a QR code using a free QR code generator to gain extra visibility.

8. Organize a social media contest

Organizing a social media contest is always a great way to increase engagement, drive more visibility, and generate conversions for your app. Challenge people to complete a certain task and tag themselves with contest-specific hashtags so you can see the development of your contest.

Make sure to reward the winners publicly so they feel more compelled to share their excitement.

9. Create a video intro to your app

Creating a video introduction to your app can be an excellent teaser to what your audience can expect from it. You can share the video with your existing userbase and even upload it to YouTube – just don’t forget to include a link to your progressive web app!

10. Leverage the power of Story

The Story format has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and it is an excellent way to promote your app and gain more visibility. If your Instagram account doesn’t allow to swipe up and take users to the link, you can always put it in your bio instead.

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11. Launch ads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn ads can deliver outstanding results – especially if you are a B2B business looking to generate more leads. Don’t know how to promote your progressive web app on LinkedIn? We have the perfect article for you. 

12. Promote your app locally

Another way in which you can promote your progressive web app is to include a link to it in your physical materials, such as restaurant menus, flyers, or company catalogues. Because PWAs can be accessed with a single URL or a QR code, you make it so easy for users to visit your app with just a couple of clicks.

13. Create a referral program

Another awesome way to drive more traffic to your PWA is to establish a referral program. Referral programs allow you to incentivize and reward your customers for spreading the word about your app – did you know that Dropbox grew 3900% with this strategy?

14. Answer questions on Quora

Quora is a golden mine untapped by many businesses when it comes to driving traffic to your web – or progressive web app. For example, if you have a fitness app, you can join fitness topics and discussions and answer relevant questions that ultimately end up with a link to your PWA.

15. Write guest posts

Guest posts are an amazing way to get more traffic and improve your organic positioning by generating high-quality backlinks to your progressive web app. Start by identifying those websites and companies whose audience could be a potential target audience for you – and get in touch with them to propose writing a high-quality article in exchange for a backlink. 

16. Send an email to your existing audience

Email Marketing is one of the most effective channels when it comes to spreading the word about a new product or feature. If you already have an existing audience, you can send them an email to announce the launch of your progressive web app, sharing what valuable information they will be able to find in it.

17. Start prospecting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is undoubtedly a wonderful tool to get more leads and prospects. You can start by getting in touch with your connections to let them know about your app – and move your way up by expanding your network with more connections that could be interested in it. Just don’t go overboard with direct messages as it will be labelled as spamming. 

18. Try cold calling with Sales Navigator

While cold calling may not be everyone’s favorite technique to get more leads and drive traffic, it can be really effective if executed correctly. You can try LinkedIn Sales Navigator to reach people who are outside of your network – you can find more information on how to do it here.

19. Create stunning infographics

Another awesome way to promote your app is to create beautiful infographics that you can later share on your social media channels, email channel and more. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune – you can create them for free with tools like Canva.

20. Build a great landing page

Having a great landing page is a must-have for any business that wants to drive more conversions and highlight the features of their product or service. You can use tools such as Elementor, Mailchimp and LeadPages to create a landing page for your progressive web app on your regular website. This way, you will send your existing website audience to your PWA effortlessly.

21. Send out a Press Release

Many journalists are pressured by deadlines to get new content out as soon as possible, and you can use this knowledge to your advantage. However, to have a better chance of getting your app release story published, make sure to send out a good PR kit:

  • An app summary guide providing more information about your app;
  • The press release that you want to be published;
  • Design elements, such as your logo and corporate colors;
  • Demos or walkthrough videos;
  • Photos and bios of the founders;
22. Offer special discounts for the app’s launch

So, your progressive web app

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