WIX Instant Mobile App

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Beezer.com and WIX.com Instant Mobile App solution

  • Easily turn your site into a feature filled app

  • Share your app via email, SMS and social channels (no need for an app store!)

  • A great marketing solution; access analysis of your customers' interaction with your app quickly

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Send Notifications

Engage your users by sending Notifications directly to your user’s mobile device. You can send links to specific pages, to offers or promotions and more.

Share via SMS

Share your app in a text message.

Instant Mobile App

Create an instant mobile app from your WIX.com site. All the features of your website, optimised for mobile.

App Promoting Widget

Our smart widget advertises your app on your WIX.com website and can also share it by email.

Distribute via QR Code

Create a QR code to share your app.

Share via Social Media

Easily link your app to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or google+.


Audience Insights

How hard is your app working? You can find out at the click of a button.

Enhanced Audience Insights

See how many people have installed and also shared your mobile app.

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