Start engaging with your customers and fans in four easy steps:


Create App

No technical or developer skills required.

  • Add Your Content

    Add Your Content

    • Upload photos
    • Add videos
    • Include audio tracks and songs
    • Provide sneak previews of content through your app
    • Drive downloads with app-exclusive offers and content
  • Include Your Social Media Feeds

    Include Your Social Media Feeds

    • Link to all of your social media channels
    • Provide a single point of contact where your audience sees all of your social feeds
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
    • LinkedIn
  • Monetize your App

    Monetize your App

    • Link to your online store
    • Include in-app advertising
    • Promote special offers
    • Demographically and geographically target users
    • Provide sponsors and partners with a new advertising channel
Publish Mobile Apps

Publish App

Publish to all mobile devices.

  • Mobile Operating Systems

    Mobile Operating Systems

    • Apple's iOS
    • Android
    • Windows Phone
    • Blackberry
    • Symbian and others
  • Different Devices

    Different Devices

    • iPhones and iPads
    • Android phones and tablets
    • Windows Phone and Surface
    • Desktop App
    • SmartTV App
  • Avoid the App Stores

    Avoid the App Stores

    • No waiting for approvals
    • No restrictions on content
    • Avoid high commission fees
    • No annual app store fees
    • Avoid becoming a Zombie App

Share App

Unique distribution features to create viral Apps.

  • Directly Distribute your App

    Directly Distribute your App

    • Distribute App by SMS
    • Distribute App by email
    • Use social media to distribute your App
    • Provide QR codes to directly download
    • Download directly from your website
  • Leverage your Existing Audience

    Leverage your Existing Audience

    • Email App to your subscribers
    • Send SMS with App to customers in your CRM
    • Provide download links for your App on social media
    • Distribute the App to fanclubs in notifications
    • Print QR codes to download on circulars, brochures and tickets
  • Create Viral Apps

    Create Viral Apps

    • Users can also share your App with their network
    • Users can also share using SMS, email and social media
    • User can create chat communities in-app and invite their friends
    • Incentivise App sharing with discounts for your online store
    • Use in-app offers and exclusive content to drive downloads and shares
Manage Mobile Apps

Manage App

Update instantly from easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Maintain your Content

    Maintain your Content

    • Upload new content in an intuitive interface
    • Ensure you have fresh content to engage users
    • Same content format for all devices
    • Publish app-exclusive content
    • Content adapts responsively to different screen sizes
  • Send Notification to Users

    Send Notifications to Users

    • Send SMS notifications to engage your users with your app
    • Use email and social networks to send notifications
    • Inform your users of special offers
    • Encourage sharing of the app
    • Notify users of new content
  • Manage Revenue Streams

    Manage Revenue Streams

    • Integrate with your online store
    • Create your own ads that display in-app or earn revenue from ad network
    • Demographically and geographically target users
    • Drive sales with special offers and promotions
    • Receive analytics reports on ad interactions