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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

About Progressive Web Apps

A progressive web app is an application that operates within a browser, and combines the best out of web and native app technologies. Progressive web apps are light, fast, easily shareable with a single URL, and installable on your device as an icon. Additionally, they can access the device’s hardware to provide one-of-a-kind experience independently from the device or browser used. 

Native mobile apps are software applications that are most commonly found in stores such as Google Play, the Apple App store, Samsung Galaxy apps, and others. They are typically designed for a specific store or operating system in mind, which means that developing the same app for another operating system will require separate development and costs associated with it.

Progressive web apps run directly inside the browser of the user’s device, without the need to be downloaded from an app store. They are not standalone apps, meaning that you will not have to install actual code into your device.  However, you can still download them securely and directly on your phone as an icon or a bookmark. Additionally, a single PWA works on all devices, browsers & OS, without the need for separate development and extra costs.

While responsive websites and PWAs share things in common, responsive websites don’t offer push notifications for engagement, nor service workers and web manifests which allow the PWAs to control network requests and cache those requests to improve performance. Additionally, progressive web apps are not only responsive for screen sizes, but also for different operating systems, and they are installable on your device as opposed to responsive websites.

Some benefits of progressive web apps include:

  • No need for app stores – deliver your app straight to your audience without the need for a third-party digital distribution system.
  • More affordable – as opposed to native apps, PWAs can work for all operating systems at once, and you can cut on app store commissions too.
  • Save app space – PWAs are significantly lighter compared to native apps, and they aren’t physically stored on the device.
  • Push notifications – progressive web apps allow companies to send targeted push notifications to their audience.
  • SEO – although PWAs are applications, they can be indexed by search engines, which can help you boost traffic significantly.

Progressive enhancement is a development approach that puts emphasis on web content first, and it is activated progressively based on the Internet connection and the browser of the user. In other words, it will first load the basic content and functionality of the website, and then deliver an enhanced version for those users that have a faster Internet connection, additional features in their browser, or greater bandwidth.

About Beezer apps

Currently, we work with Stripe and Paypal, but we are working on additional integrations as well.

You can check all of our integrations here. Every time we add a new integration, it will be updated in this link.

Yes, Beezer supports Right-to-Left languages (RTL).

Yes. Once added to the home screen of the mobile device, the app icon will look very similar to the icon of any native app. When the user clicks on the icon, the PWA opens in its own environment similar to a native app (not in the mobile browser of the device).

No; unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment.

Yes, you can convert your Weebly / Wix website into an Instant Mobile App by adding the Instant Mobile App via the Weebly / Wix App Market. You can learn more about it here.

No, this is not possible with Beezer at the moment. One of Beezer’s main benefits is that it helps you skip app stores, which enables you to cut out app store commissions and deliver your content straight to your audience.

We use Reactjs for frontend, and Nodejs for backend.

Yes, there is a limit of 1GB per media.

Yes, all PWAs made with Beezer include an SSL certificate.

About Reseller (Beezer Enterprise)

Yes, we offer Beezer as a white-label service so you can resell apps to your customers. You can learn more here.

Yes. The admin account owner will have full access to manage all apps within the account. The app admin will only be able to access the specific app content and user data collected via the app that they have been assigned to.

Yes, you can enable a custom domain for each app within your plan.

Yes, this is correct. As an account owner, you will be able to change the app content and app URL at any point. You can also download/delete all user data collected via the app.

Use Cases

Yes, you can manage memberships and subscriptions with your Beezer app.

You can leverage our existing features to achieve many LMS capabilities for a functional educational app. You can incorporate instant content updates, member login for users, collect feedback and user data in a customized user profile, upload content, and others.

We are also working on a new feature called User Diary which will allow users to write notes within a dedicated section of their user account, and share these notes with other app users as well as the admin based on their preference. The admin can also collect documents from the end user and give the end user different levels of access to the app. Finally, the admin can create subscription payment plans to the app in order to monetise the educational app content.

You can embed a wordpress site in the app by using the iFrame component. 

Other questions

“It’s affordable, it’s user-friendly, it’s easy to set up – it just has all the tools that you need in order to make your business run.”
Philip Dunn
Founder & CEO, 2TheTable LLC

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