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Leverage the best of both worlds - native mobile and web, combined with the power of progressive enhancement technology to create light, fast and intuitive apps that deliver content straight to your audience regardless of their browser, device, or Internet connection.

With Beezer's easy-to-use Drag & Drop builder, you can take full advantage of the ever-growing smartphone penetration and mobile usage without the hassle of app stores - your app is just one URL away from your audience.
progressive web app builder

Core functionalities

Direct distribution

Skip app stores and remove the extra steps for users - you can distribute your app directly via SMS, Email, Social media, ads, or even a QR code.

In-app sharing

Users will be able to share your app with their network, on social media or via email quickly & easily, and across devices incompatible for native apps.

Real-time Updates

Make changes to your app and see them update in real time, skipping the lengthy approval process that happens for native mobile apps.

PWA experience

Enjoy the full experience of PWAs - they are progressive, responsive, secure, linkable, and app-like.

*No credit card required.


As opposed to native apps, progressive web apps can be indexed by search engines, allowing you to boost traffic through SEO.

Offline mode

Coming soon!

Develop fast and light progressive web apps with offline capabilities. Your users will be able to access your content at any time!

*No credit card required.

Some of our third-party integrations


Push notifications

Send instantly, or plan out and schedule your automated push notifications ahead of time with Beezer's powerful feature.

Member login

With our Member login feature, you will be able to choose who can access your progressive web app and which pages they can see.

Live chat

An interactive and engaging tool that allows logged in members to search for other members and reach out directly to them via live chat.


Explore the behavior & engagement of your users with your app. Leverage our analytics tool to improve your content backed by data.

Appointment Scheduling

Your customers can easily book and schedule appointments with you through our awesome integration with Appointedd.

Form & Vote Building

Collect valuable feedback and suggestions from your app users through our comprehensive form & vote building components.


Spark the excitement of your audience for your next event or big thing - leverage the power of our countdown functionality.

User rating

In addition to Form & Vote building, you can also gather instant feedback from your users by incorporating our rating component.

Workout components

Build an awesome app for your Health & Fitness business with our industry-specific features such as Workout timer & Workout History.

Website wrapper

Embed documents, videos, secondary pages and other types of interactive media with our full iFrame integration. Pull in content instantly.

Food order & delivery

With this functionality, you can enable food order and delivery for your restaurant or coffee shop, and accept payments via Stripe.


Expand your community by adding a forum in which users can discuss the latest trends, topics, and start relevant discussions all in your app.


eCommerce Integrations

Incorporate your existing ecommerce shop quickly and easily with our Shopify & Woocommerce integrations.

Social Account integration

Embed your Facebook, Instagram & Twitter feed directly into your app and have all your social accounts at one place.

Wordpress Mobile integration

Transform your existing website into a PWA with our WordPress component or our Wix & Weebly partnerships.

How Beezer works


Create an account and start your 14-day free trial to begin building your progressive web app.


Give your app a name and select the template that fits your needs the best.


Add pages, drag & drop your preferred components, and personalize your app until you achieve the desired result.


Publish your app to all platforms simultaneously & share it directly with your audience via URL, QR code or email.

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