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Always Improving To Deliver The Best To ensure we are always delivering the best for our users, we spend a lot of time behind the scenes discussing either how to improve our existing Mobile App Creator or debating which additional features should be included to help meet your needs. Vote and Form Of The Past As you have no doubt already discovered, the Beezer.com App Creator offers a Vote and a Form component. Our Vote component is helpful when user preferences are required (for example, you can ask users to Vote on their preferred speaker at an event) whereas, our Form component allows organisations to capture more general information (for example, a Form component can be used to create a questionnaire or to create a ‘Contact Us’ form). 

What’s New To Vote and Form Until recently, our users were not able to drag and drop the order of fields or checkboxes within the Vote and Form components  – now you can. Additionally, any fields and checkboxes can be set as either required or not-required. Also, both the Vote and Form components now allow you to delete those responses you do not need and, you can include a title for each to give better clarity to users when first viewing either your Form or Vote card.  The most significant update however, is the ability to view all your responses in one place – previously, you would have been sent an individual email for each response, you can now go to the ‘Engage’ section within the Mobile App Creator to see all your responses at a glance. These responses can also be exported and saved elsewhere.

What Else Is New – Rating Component Improving our existing components is not all we have been up to, the Beezer.com team is always keen to ensure we are adding value at every possible opportunity. We have therefore gone one step further and developed a Ratings component. With the ratings component you can gather ratings from your users in all areas of your app – our rating system works on a 5-star basis where each responder can choose between 1 and 5 stars to rate an option.  They can also submit their name, email address and leave a comment.  All of the data gathered will be available in the Engage section of the Beezer editor which you can access and download.

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