Beezer & Appointedd Working Seamlessly Together

We’ve been at it again

Being a relatively new business (having officially launched on the 3rd of July 2017), I’m sure you can all imagine, it has been an extremely busy year for us. We have been putting huge efforts into creating our brand, getting Beezer.com ‘out there’ through lots of exciting marketing efforts and, of course concentrating on building affiliations with like-minded businesses. You’ve already seen in previous blog posts, our long awaited collaborations with Wix.com and Weebly.com are now live. We’re now thrilled to announce, we are also collaborating with Appointedd to give our customers the most out of their Beezer.com mobile app solution with enhanced scheduling capabilities. We of course hope we can also provide additional support to Appointedd’s customer base in the form of a Progressive Web App solution (or PWA). If you’re keen to investigate a mobile app for your business, click here to try our free 30 day trial.

What can Appointedd do for you?

Over the last year, we have seen many of you requesting a better scheduling solution from your Beezer mobile app. Having taken the time to consider this, we decided there was no need to build our own solution given Appointedd already do scheduling and online booking so well (and of course, have many awards to prove this). So, we’ve now come together to ensure you can get the most out of your Beezer app. Through the Beezer/Appointedd partnership, you can add the following capabilities to your mobile app platform:

  • Provide secure online booking for your customers 24/7
  • Full team scheduling
  • Calendar integration (seamlessly integrate with Google, iCal, Outlook 365 and more) with two-way sync and real-time booking
  • Automated email and SMS reminders and follow-ups
  • Full payment integration to take payments at the time of booking

And, if you sign up to Appointedd using your Beezer mobile app build platform, you’ll get a 10% discount. All you have to do is login to your Beezer account, choose the page you’d like to add scheduling capabilities to and then add Appointedd from the ‘Integration’ tab. Once, you’ve done this, you will be redirected through to Appointedd’s website where you can sign up and a 10% discount will automatically be applied.

Businesses who are currently using Appointedd.

From clothing to financial services and car sales/MOT services, these are just a few industries in which the Appointedd scheduling and online booking solution is currently being used. Clothing: If for example, you offer personal shopping or even a clothing fitting service, the Appointedd platform is an ideal fit for you – your customers will be able to make quick and easy bookings giving them a seamless customer journey. Financial Services: With real-time, 24/7 online booking for wealth management and financial services, clients can book calls or in-branch consultations with advisors at their convenience and flexibility. And, Appointedd automatically tracks and records all the information you need to stay compliant with regulations such as MifiD II, GDPR, AML, and KYC. This includes dates, times, locations, attendees of meetings, as well as records of all automated communications with clients. If you’d like to find out how Appointedd has been used to help other businesses click https://www.appointedd.com/enterprise

Why not sign up today?

If you’ve been holding off on signing up for a Beezer.com mobile app because you were waiting on enhanced scheduling capabilities, the wait is now over. Go to www.beezer.com and see for yourself.

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