Beezer New Features – Form, Vote, Booking and eCommerce

beezer.com Product Update

Great news! The Beezer development team have been hard at work making BIG changes to the Beezer platform.  We have had some incredible feedback over the last few weeks and months from our customers.

Firstly, all Form and Vote responses are now accessible for download in the Engage section of your Beezer dashboard.  This makes it even easier to see the data your App users have submitted.  You can even download all of the data.

The Form component now includes required fields and easier setup. 

You may even wish to setup a referral scheme using the Form component.   

You might also have seen our recent Social Media campaign which is offering 10% off our Annual Accelerate plan.  Find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.


We have also released our Appointedd booking widget allowing you to receive bookings and payments for your products and services directly within the Beezer app.


In addition, we are releasing a Shopify component very shortly which will allow you to embed your Products sold via shopify.com directly within the Beezer app.  This uses the Shopify SDK to provide a rich user experience.

We will also be releasing many more updates and improvements in the coming weeks including member registration so keep an eye out on our social media channels, our website blog and e-mails for more updates.

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