10 Best App Ideas for Small Businesses in 2021

Americans today are increasingly connected to digital information via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. People use mobile devices to shop, get the latest news, and earn money using super hot marketing strategies, etc. Pew Research Centre reports that in 2021, 97% of Americans own a type of cell phone. Out of this, 85% own a smartphone. 

Currently, the digital environment is highly focused on app development, with millions of applications already in existence. Studies show that people spend about 90% of their mobile time using apps. In 2020, iOS and Android app revenue reached $111 billion. To get a piece of this pie, you may be thinking of developing an app for your small business.

The problem comes in when you do not know the best app idea to work with. We have come up with ten of the best app ideas that will be a huge success. Read on to identify one or two that you may want to run with. 

1. Employee Orientation App

One of the mobile app ideas we believe has not yet reached its full potential is an employee orientation app. At one point or another, every business will have to deal with the process of employee orientation. Sometimes, HR cannot manage essential things like offering new employees all the necessary material or finding certain documents. There is also a lot of concern when employees are working remotely. Furthermore, there are no processes to confirm whether the new employees go through all the documentation offered or not. 

A great app to facilitate employee orientation efficiently would be a welcome innovation. It will ensure that employee induction becomes a fast and easy process. The applications can take care of duties such as:

  • Offering necessary training resources to new employees
  • Describing orientation procedure without any disruptions 
  • Accumulating all the needed orientation documents

Based on the fact that there are limitations to orientation technology, this app could prove profitable. 

2. A Personal Chef App

Another innovative app concept you can focus on is coming up with a personal chef app. The app can include a list of certified chefs who are willing to offer their services at home or in restaurants. The chefs can describe the dishes they are experts in to choose the professional they want.

The professionals can also include other details like years of experience and where they have worked before so that clients know them before hiring the chefs. 

The application can integrate sections that allow people to book the chef, share location, and offer a route map. It can also have a feature that helps chefs and clients chat as they discuss costs, ingredients, and more. Clients can also leave reviews on the experience they had working with the chef.

This is one of the type of apps that can work well for clients who are craving specific dishes and do not want to go through the hustle of preparing meals. 

3. A Cybersecurity app

Seeing that cybersecurity breaches continue to make headlines regularly, cybersecurity apps for business is another great idea you can invest in.

Today’s internet age puts firms at risk of hackers who can steal data or harm an enterprise remotely. Coming up with a high-end app that can protect businesses from online hackers seamlessly will be well received in the market.
The application can target common threats that affect businesses, such as: 

  • Malware – a discreet malicious software installed into a system to compromise data availability, confidentiality, and integrity.
  • Phishing- cybercriminals use phishing to get data by pretending to be legitimate businesses. 
  • Ransomware- uses malware to limit access to a business system through encryption and ask for a ransom to decrypt the system. 
  • DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks- limit network access with too many traffic requests that end up slowing down a site’s response time. Hackers can use this time to carry out illegitimate business actions. 

4. A Store Wishlist app

Small businesses can increase sales by having an in-store Wishlist app. Many consumers create wish lists to include items that they want to purchase at a late stage. The app can act as a reminder of the things that the consumer wants to get. It can help reduce the cart abandonment rate, which costs stores thousands of dollars. 

Make the app in a way that users can share their wish lists with others. Users should be able to personalize their lists without too many issues. It is a great way to encourage other people to buy from the store as well. If any promotions relate to items people have on their wish lists, store owners can let customers know through the app.

The app should also be straightforward to motivate as many people as possible to use and appreciate the application. 

5. Daily Operations App

Almost all small businesses can benefit from an app that helps with daily operations. Things can get a bit overwhelming, especially if a person is trying to keep things afloat on their own.  You can contact a team that will help develop apps for anyone who is in business. The app can perform various tasks that help in the day-to-day operations of the company, such as:

  • Monitoring cash flow
  • Keeping inventory records 
  • Marketing 
  • Staying in touch with clients 

The application can act as a one-stop-shop for essential business operations. It can give the owner and manager a platform where they can monitor how the business is performing. The app will also allow entrepreneurs to note the things that are not working for the entity to make the necessary adjustments. The application will also ensure that operations flow well without any room for human-error mistakes.  

6. A Supplier-Finder App

One of the app trends you can jump on is to develop an efficient application that helps small businesses find suppliers easily. It would help if you made this to incorporate suppliers and manufacturers from different parts of the globe. This will allow users to make an informed decision on the company to choose.

To make things a lot easier for the customers, include a feature that enables clients to compare prices and other product details. It should also come with a drop shipping option for users who do not want to handle inventory. 

Be sure to include data about how various products are performing so that buyers can be well-informed before making a purchasing decision. Before developing an application, it helps to check app trends to see what other developers have already introduced in the market. Use this to create a unique product that offers new features and stands out from the competition.  

7. Cashless Payment App

It’s essential to think about an app that helps when thinking of introducing a new application. Many small businesses would appreciate a cashless payment app. This is primarily in the wake of a pandemic where contactless payments are highly encouraged. Design the app so that people can use it in various stores, both offline and online, without any complications. 

In addition to handling payments, the application can also double up as a money managing app. This can act as a small bank in the user’s pocket. Individuals can use the app to save money, budget, and check on expenditures as well.

The app can also guide users to the proper investment channels depending on their financial goals. Ensure that the app offers 100% security because people will not invest in something that messes with their hard-earned money. 

8. Brand Authenticity App

In this digital age, most customers are looking to support authentic brands. Sadly, there are many dodgy business people out there who focus on making counterfeit products. Researchers say that imports of pirated and counterfeited goods worldwide cost nearly USD 0.5 trillion in revenue.

When thinking of types of apps to develop, one that helps to identify and reject fake products will be helpful. In addition to identifying fake products, the app can also help check duplicates, knock-offs, and replicas so that users can only purchase original products. It can also help identify currency notes so that a person does not end up with fake money. 

The app can help users with promotional offers to choose the genuine ones from the fake.  The app database should always include an updated list of products, new arrivals. It can incorporate systems that use artificial intelligence algorithms to distinguish fake and genuine versions instantly. 

9. Servicing Reminder App

Among the application ideas, you should consider introducing to the market is one that reminds users when it is about time to service their machines.

It’s pretty standard for people to forget when maintenance is due, especially for cars and home appliances. You can collaborate with a professional app builder to develop an excellent application that helps users track recurring home and personal maintenance tasks. Aim to build something simple that everyone can use with ease.

Consider having a feature that pauses notifications for tasks that users do not perform regularly or during different seasons like summer and winter. It can also come with a shared task list for people who want to share their maintenance duties with others, say, family members or housemates. To make the application more efficient, it can recommend professionals who offer exceptional maintenance services in the user’s locality. 

10. Business Tips Apps

Entrepreneurs are constantly seeking knowledge that can help them run successful entities. This is one of the areas you can capitalize on when you want to deal with profitable apps and products. The application can offer relevant tips that can help different business people.
It can even include a section where successful business people share nuggets of what helped them succeed. 

The application can further recommend efficient tools that business people can use to scale their entities to greater heights. Entrepreneurs can use the app as a reference point when looking for valuable business tips. 

Closing Thoughts

With a great idea for developing new apps, you can enjoy immense success in the industry. Just be sure to offer something invaluable that other applications out there do not have. You can end up being the next best thing, earning significant amounts, especially from app ads. 

What are some apps for small businesses you would like to see developed? Do you have a grand idea that developers should work with when developing apps in 2021? Kindly let us know in the comments below, and you might just come up with the next best app that will revolutionize the business industry. 

Author’s bio:

Darrell is a blogger and a content marketer who loves writing on topics around content creation. He believes every company, regardless of the industry, should post regular engaging content for their fans. As a marketer, Darrell works primarily with agencies looking to boost their online presence.

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