Blend Commerce on Easily Integrating Shopify to a Beezer Mobile App

Blend Commerce on Easily Integrating Shopify to a Beezer.com Mobile App

Recently we updated our Mobile App Creator to include one of the world’s top buying and selling platforms – Shopify – as a key integration feature. We had always felt Shopify (or a similar platform), would be an ideal fit for Beezer.com’s Mobile App Builder and, the volume of requests coming through our support team confirmed this next phase for us.

We were fortunate to have launched our Shopify integration successfully with a tremendous response from our current users. We were also lucky enough to have received a great review/How to Video recommendation from Adam Pearce at Blend Commerce – a Shopify expert agency specialising in helping online stores grow strategically.

Adam Pearce Blend Commerce

Who are Blend Commerce

The team at Blend Commerce are a results driven consultancy who focus on giving their Shopify clients advice backed-up by statistics (these stats are based on existing client numbers and their general industry experience).

What does this mean for you? You might be thinking. In short, it means, Blend Commerce won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need. If the numbers aren’t there to qualify the need or the response levels aren’t good enough to justify the spend, they won’t recommend it.

And, (we at Beezer.com think this is a great benefit), Blend Commerce give every client a 30 min consultation at the start of their journey to ensure they understand their overall needs exactly. When it comes to consultancy, the avoidance of ping pong emails can be key.

Blend Commerce and Beezer.com

What did Blend Commerce have to say about Beezer.com?

Adam Pearce, Head of Marketing and Strategy at Blend Commerce took the time to build a Mobile App using the Beezer.com Mobile App platform with a view to specifically using the Shopify integration.

Adam was trialing our App Builder to see if it was an easy-to-use solution and something his team at Blend Commerce could recommend to their Shopify clients. Here are just a few benefits Adam called out:

  • Mobile Apps are a great idea for Shopify sellers however they can often be cost-prohibitive. This is now a thing of the past with the Beezer/Shopify integration:

“Is an app the way to go when considering pushing your e-Commerce store further? … one of the problems with apps is that they can be prohibitively expensive … a few months ago, I connected with a company called Beezer who aren’t.”

  • You can connect instantly with your Mobile App users:

“ … a massive benefit with Beezer is that it enables you to have Push Notifications … when we look at phones every day, one of the things we respond to are notifications.”

Watch Adam’s Full Video Review

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