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Cheshire Football Association

Discover how Cheshire FA is levelling up community engagement with an app for all things football.

Damond Traverse

Marketing & Communication Officer at Cheshire Football Association

The Cheshire Football Association is the not-for-profit governing body for all football in Cheshire, and it is responsible for the organisation, education, governance, and development of the grassroots game in the county.

Cheshire FA works in conjunction with the National Football Association. Currently, they have around 3,500 teams playing various formats of affiliated football with over 60,000 weekly participants. The game is supported by over 800 referees and upwards of 5,000 volunteers.

Damon Traverse, Cheshire FA’s Marketing and Communication Officer, tells us more about the organisation and how it uses Beezer to further its goal of growing grassroots football:

“I’ve worked at Cheshire FA for over four years now. We are the home of grassroots football in Cheshire, and it is important for us to work closely with the FA and the local grassroots community in Cheshire to help grow the game in this county.

Football is a major part of any community in the UK – it can bring joy and happiness, improve healthy lifestyles, and can also have a huge economic effect. Football can develop a community through new pitches, a stadium, or a team to cheer on.”

Beezer came into the picture when Damon found out about the app-builder and decided to trial it as a way to increase engagement:

“We wanted to use Beezer’s platform to engage with our stakeholders in a different way, and to use it as a one stop shop for all information relating to football. We also liked the feature of the push notifications – and they have worked well to alert our stakeholders of updates.

The platform has been great for us and we are really pleased with what we have managed to produce. We use it for news updates, courses and events as well as stock information about football in Cheshire.”

cheshire football association beezer

Since its launch in September we have had over 700 users download the app.

I would recommend Beezer as a simple and effective app builder whilst also being very cost effective. I built the app myself with the support of my Marketing team. The process of designing the app was incredibly easy, and there is so much functionality available.

“We planned what we wanted the app to look like and how we would like it to work and then developed it through Beezer. We did not encounter any issues when developing the app and we were actually surprised with how easy it was to create such a great app.” 

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