East Killbride Table Case Study | Beezer

East Killbride Table Tennis Club

Discover how the East Kilbride Table Tennis Club uses Beezer’s member login functionality to cultivate an exclusive portal for its members.

East Kilbride Table Tennis Club is a member organisation using a Beezer mobile app to help both members and non-members gain access to relevant information.

The club wanted to keep some of its content (such as training drills, coaching resources and meeting notes) away from the general public and accessible only to members who need to see them.

EKTTC chose to use our core feature – Member Login – to keep some of its content private from the general public. Using Member Login, a user must be approved by the mobile app owner.

A simple approval process means the app owner can then decide which pages/content should be visible to individual members.

This level of control gives the club a fully fleshed mobile app that would traditionally cost a lot more than a sports club could afford.

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