Fuelangel UK Case Study | Beezer


Discover how an entrepreneurial couple is using a Beezer-built app to bring the concept of fuel delivery from Dubai to the UK.

John and Lhen, FuelAngel UK

John and Lhen met in Dubai while both living there as ex-pats – John from Lancashire, England, and Lhen from the Philippines. Sparks flew, one thing led to another, and two years later, they were married.

The couple decided that ultimately (and with promises from John of a “big coat” for Lhen), they would move back to the UK. They didn’t want to make the move without the security of a business to go back to upon moving; so, with the full spirit of entrepreneurial go-getter-ness, they decided to start a UK-based business then and there.

But why don’t we let John tell you about it himself:

“We thought about coffee shops or some sort of website selling products, but those markets are really saturated. Then we spotted a company over here in Dubai that delivers fuel directly to people’s cars. The heat here is incredible, so no one gets out of the car – so the queues at the garage are ridiculous.

And we realised – it’s the same but opposite in the UK. As most of the time it’s cold, wet, and windy, and filling up is a pain, I have yet to meet a single person who says they like to do it.”

So, after spending four months researching similar companies in Dubai, London, and Florida, we set up Fuel Angel UK. Our proposition is simple enough – we deliver fuel directly to your car – and it’s all managed directly through the Beezer app, which you can use to order fuel by your location or by text. I am not tech savvy at all, but I managed to get our app set up and I think it looks great!

We have a video on there that I did with Vyond; we have all of our information on there, linking to Instagram, Whastapp, and our website; and of course we have ordering. All in one place.

To have an app in your customers’ pockets, with all the information they need and with access to notifications, is amazing. Lhen, my wife, has gotten us to over 10,000 Instagram followers, and looks after our marketing on Facebook also. We have a couple of investors and we are up and running in Lancashire, with more vans and areas to follow.

“OK…so how to put it in short? Entrepreneur from Preston meets entrepreneur from Manila. We decide to build a business through your app-creating company based in Scotland, from our base in Dubai. We create the app whilst on holiday in Rome, and finish it on honeymoon in Vegas and L.A – so we can run our new business and employ people in sunny Lancashire!”

That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? I think I’ll send it to the papers…do they still have those in the UK?

We’re getting busier all the time, so the plan is, we will be back in the UK soon to kick on.”

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