Leverage PWAs To Build A Successful Online Business

Up until a few years ago, it was hard for any entrepreneur looking to build an online business to find technology that could replicate the experience of a native mobile app.

But, with mobile accessibility becoming an integral aspect of the online business space, PWAs emerged as an exciting solution that entrepreneurs can leverage to build an online business.

What Are Progressive Web Apps or PWAs?

A progressive web app is essentially a technology that enables businesses to build their websites to have the same look and feel as native mobile apps.
In the most simple sense, a PWA is just a regular website with the functionality of a mobile application.

When you access it with a desktop browser, a progressive web app looks similar to a regular website. But when opened on a mobile device, a PWA becomes a hybrid of a website and a mobile application.

Although PWAs run in a browser, they offer users the experience of a native app through features such as:

  • Access to the app offline;
  • Access to the app through smartphones’ home screen;
  • Push notifications;

Why Are PWAs The Best Choice For Your Online Presence?

Apart from helping you to cater to audiences regardless of the mobile devices they use, PWAs offer several other benefits to allow you to build a robust online presence. Some of these are listed below:

Powerful Customer Engagement

PWAs let you re-engage your customers with features such as push notifications and location tracking. These features allow your online business to target the right customers at the right time with customized messages on flash sales, carts, or other seasonal discounts to increase customer conversions.

Continuous Innovation

With PWAs, you can push the updates, customizations, fixes, or new features directly into the app as the app runs only on a single codebase.

High Security

PWAs ensure robust security for both digital assets of your online store and use data that is rendered through HTTPS.

How can PWAs Help Entrepreneurs?

While a lot of big companies such as Twitter, Starbucks, Forbes, and Uber are using PWAs, progressive web app builder technology is equally beneficial and available to small websites to develop their products.

There are several ways that PWAs can help small businesses, including:

Widened App Reach

Unlike the native apps, which can be used only on platforms for which they are specifically developed, PWAs work on the web and have zero dependencies on the Play Store or App Store, thus making it possible for your brand to reach a wider customer base.

Easy App Discovery

Offering an app like a PWA that is similar to a web page that users frequently come across when visiting a website or social media page, you allow your app to be discovered easily and stay ahead of the Play Store and App Store crowd.

Helps Overcome The App Installation Fatigue

PWAs come with several factors that have especially been designed to help customers bring over the attached app fatigue. Some of these are:

  1. The App Install prompt in the case of PWAs is only given when the users have made visits to the webpage multiple times.
  2. Users discover the progressive web app naturally while browsing the web or social media.
  3. There are multiple engagement functionalities such as push notifications, offline mode, etc. that work even when the visitor does not install the app.
  4. The process of app installation is instantaneous as the users don’t have to go to the app store to search for the app and then install it on their devices.

App Maintenance

App maintenance on the App Store or Play Store is both time-consuming and expensive, something that is very difficult for a startup to manage. PWAs, on the contrary, are a lot easier to handle in terms of time, cost, and resources.

Why Build Your Web Apps With Beezer?

Beezer makes the process of progressive app development easy, fast, and cost-effective for business entrepreneurs and IT developers.

Among the things that Beezer offers you to build robust PWAs include:

  • Powerful progressive app builder tools without the writing of code
  • The no-code app builder helps you assemble your app from its vast library of reusable features
  • Beezer’s online community builder helps you overcome the problem of mobile app development backlogs
  • It helps you reduce app development time, resulting in faster delivery
  • With Beezer, you can bridge the IT skills gap and reduce the cost of developing web apps

Steps To Build Your Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) With Beezer

Here is how you can build an e-commerce app with Beezer:

1. Finalize on Your Type of Software

To be able to build an adaptable web app with Beezer, you need to select a web app and start the process.

2. Pick The Most Similar App to Your Idea

Once you’re done with finalizing the type, choose the most similar app to your online business idea. This allows you to work on the features you’ll need for your app.

3. Select The Features You Wish To Have In Your App

Beezer has an AI-powered library of features that you can use for your PWA. You also have the choice to add any extra or custom features that you want in your application.

4. Choose The Launch Platform

With Beezer, you can launch your app on Android, iOS, Desktop OS (Windows or Mac), or web. All you need to do is select the launch platform ‘web’ for building the PWA.

5. Launch The App

You’re now fully ready to launch your PWA. At Beezer, you’re fully helped in preparing for a well-structured and successful launch.

To Wrap

There are multiple advantages that progressive web apps offer to businesses, including robust performance, location-based push notifications, SEO advantage, offline support, steady usability, and much more.

If you’re an entrepreneur who wishes to start an online business and reach a global audience along with the freedom to make the PWAs as per your exact needs, Beezer is the place where you can get everything in a single package.

With the no-code app builder and a robust library of tools that simplify the process of development along with offering the advantage of instant publishing and powerful metric tracking, you are sure to build a successful online business. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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