Member Login Is Live!

In the digital-age it is important to ensure any content shared online reaches the right people in a secure way. With this in mind, we have decided to include an additional layer of security to the Beezer.com Mobile App platform – Member Login. Previously, our Mobile Apps were public for all to see, now, with Member Login, users can register to access the App using their email address. Once registered, the App owner can either approve or decline their request as well as decide which content they can see. The user will receive an email to confirm registration once the App owner has made their decision.

Who will benefit from this?

Everyone with a Beezer.com App can obviously take advantage of secure content however, here are a few suggestions of which types of business or organisations this may be of interest to:

e-Commerce businesses. We have a number of clients who sell their services online – voice coaches, extra driving tuition for those sitting the theory aspect of their test and, more. With these businesses, there is often a requirement to make some of what they do accessible as a taster however, fully comprehensive video files and audio files should be withheld until a user has become a paying customer. Check Out Deborah Hudson’s App

Membership organisations. We also have a number of Rugby, Football & Sports clubs using the Beezer Mobile App platform. Their requirements were to make a certain amount of content public-facing to generate interest however, they also wanted to keep content (such as training schedules) private and accessible only by the relevant people. Check Out Westerlands App

Dieticians. A few dieticians use our App to provide information to their clients, it goes without saying not all diet plans are relevant to all therefore, each user has content/pages allocated to them to suit their needs.

Corporate Sector. We have many large, well known brands onboard. They use Beezer’s App to collate all of their training documents into one place, only staff should be given access which means our Member Login feature provides a great solution for this. Once a staff member leaves, their Member Login can be easily removed.

How can I access this? To get access to the Member Login feature, you need to be subscribed to our Accelerate plan (£19.99 per month or £191.88 for the year). Once you are subscribed, select the Member Login icon from the first column within the App Builder and then set the Enable toggle to ‘On/green’:

Member Login In App Builder
Member Login In App Builder

When a users’ registration has been approved by the App owner, they will automatically be allocated to the ‘Default Group’. The App owner can however set up as many groups as needed (by selecting the ‘Groups’ option within the 2nd column of the App Builder) and choose which pages are visible to each group:

Member Login App Builder
Member Login App Builder

There is also a ‘Users’ area which can be selected from the 2nd column of the App Creator. In this area, the App owner will be able to get an overview of all their users and see which groups they have been allocated to. Individuals can be deleted from this area and moved between groups also:

Member Login in App Builder
Member Login in App Builder

For full instructions on how to use the Member Login features click here Sign up to Beezer’s Accelerate Plan now to get full access to all our features

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