Our New Wix and Weebly Partnerships

What we’ve been up to

The last few months have seen us working extremely hard to ensure the steady growth of Beezer.com. You’ve no doubt already seen Brian and Euan managed to secure a successful outcome from their Dragons’ Den pitch. The guys didn’t stop there, however, during the summer they and the team knuckled down to get our partnership deals with Wix.com & Weebly.com over the line.

What do these partnership deals mean?

As many of you no doubt already know, Wix & Weebly are easy to use solutions enabling organisations to build websites quickly and simply. Similar to our platform, they cut out the need for expensive digital designers & developers, giving their customers a more cost effective way of building and maintaining their sites. Now that we have officially partnered with both companies, their users can easily turn their websites into a Beezer.com instant mobile app. A perfect partnership, we and the teams at Wix & Weebly believe.

What this means for Wix & Weebly customers

You’ll be pleased to hear our mobile app platform is equally as intuitive to navigate around. You can quickly integrate your website into our Progressive Web App platform (PWA) and start to send notifications to your customers.

What else we can do

A simple to use platform is not all we provide however. Traditionally, mobile apps would have been uploaded to an app store where very few people would have downloaded them. As already mentioned, we provide a Progressive Web App solution which means you can bypass the app store entirely by sending a link (through SMS, email or social media channels) directly to your database of users for download. What’s more, our platform allows you to send notifications to your customers (a handy tool to promote offer discounts or communicate product updates). We also provide a useful analysis dashboard for you to easily see how people are engaging with your mobile app – giving you easy access to marketing insights.

Why not sign up today?

If you’ve been thinking about turning your Wix or Weebly websites into a mobile app, click to find out more.

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