How to Promote Your PWA on LinkedIn in 5 Simple Steps

promote your pwa on linkedin

What is the most efficient strategy to promote your PWA on LinkedIn? Continue reading to discover more!

With a powerful progressive web app builder and the right PWA strategy in mind, you can have your app up and running in a single day without the need for any coding skills. However, your job doesn’t end with building an app. The next step, which can be significantly more challenging, is to spread the word and build brand awareness among your target audience with the purpose of driving more tangible results for your app.

In our last article 5 Steps to Promoting Your PWA on Google, we discussed how to build an effective Marketing strategy for your progressive web app on Google. Today, we will zoom in on another channel that’s been proven to be highly effective, especially for B2B companies (but not exclusively): LinkedIn.

How to Promote your PWA on LinkedIn in 5 Simple Steps

With over 675 million+ members, LinkedIn has gained a solid reputation for being the most popular network for managing your professional identity and establishing valuable connections. This also means that it is a unique channel for reaching a high-quality audience that you wouldn’t be able to find on other digital channels, or at least not with the same segmentation criteria that LinkedIn offers.

And today, we will go over the 5 simple steps you need to take in order to promote your PWA on LinkedIn:

1. Set up your Campaign Manager

Of course, the first step towards launching campaigns on LinkedIn is to create a Campaign Manager account for your organization. From your LinkedIn profile, go to the upper right corner at the top of the page, and click on the button Work.

Then, click on Marketing Solutions:

promote your PWA on LinkedIn

Once you’ve clicked on Marketing Solutions, you will be taken to a specific landing page for LinkedIn advertising. From there, simply click on Create ad, and a new window will open that looks like this:

promote your pwa on LinkedIn
Promote your PWA on LinkedIn: Creating a Campaign Manager

Simply fill out the data that LinkedIn is requesting, and click on Create account to finish the initial set up of your Campaign Manager.

While it’s optional to have a Company Page at the moment of creating your account, it is highly recommended because most ad formats will request you to have one. So, if you don’t have one, you can either click on Create new LinkedIn Page, or you can finish the initial set up and then create a Company Page that you can later associate with your account.

The next step of the set up is to add your billing details. Before you can actually launch any campaigns, you will have to provide a payment method first. If you are planning to spend a large amount of budget on your campaigns, you can discuss with LinkedIn the options of having a credit line. However, for most accounts, it will be more than enough to simply add a credit (or debit card).

To do that, simply click on the Settings icon at the top of the page, and click on Billing center:

In this section of your account, you will be able to add your billing details. As your campaigns start delivering and getting clicks or impressions, LinkedIn will begin to charge you – of course, without exceeding the budget that you have set for your campaign.

Now, you are almost ready to start running your campaigns! However, there is one more step that you need to take before that:

2. Install the Insight Tag

The next step to promoting your PWA on LinkedIn is to configure your conversions. On LinkedIn, you have a piece of called that’s called the Insight Tag. It serves the purpose of connecting your Campaign Manager to your progressive web app – which, of course, is outside of LinkedIn, so they need to be connected in order to exchange valuable information so you can further optimize your campaigns.

In other words, if you want to know what happens to your users once they land on your progressive web app from your LinkedIn campaign, you will have to establish this connection. On the contrary, you wouldn’t be able to track conversions such as form submits, ebook downloads, or event registrations.

To configure this piece of code that will establish the necessary connection, go to the top of your Campaign Manager, and click on Account Assets. From the drop down, select the first option – Insight Tag:

Promote your PWA on LinkedIn: Installing the Insight Tag

Once you’ve clicked on it, you will be taken to another window that will give you several options on how to proceed with the implementation of the code. If you are not sure how to do that, we highly suggest that you consult it with a developer or a Marketing specialist within your team. This way, you will ensure the correct implementation of the code.

And now that you have installed the Insight Tag, you are are ready to start launching campaigns and promoting your PWA on LinkedIn. Because progressive web apps can be accessed with a single URL (as opposed to native mobile apps), you can easily use them in your campaigns.

Next, go back to your Campaign Manager, and click on Create Campaign from the upper left corner.

3. Select the right objective for your campaign

Once you have your account up and running, the next step to launching effective ads that drive results is to select the right objective for your campaign.

Promote your PWA on LinkedIn: Configuring LinkedIn Objectives

Selecting the right objective for your campaign is absolutely crucial because once you’ve moved on to the second part of the configuration – adding copies and creatives, you can’t go back and change it.

So, think about the purpose of your campaign. What do you want to achieve with it? What are the results that you are expecting? For example, you may want to spread brand awareness, generate more leads, or get more people to watch your video. Here is a simple guide to the objectives that you can select depending on your end goals:

  • Brand awareness – if you want more people to learn about your business, select this objective. If you aim to get as many ad impressions as possible, and get your ad in front of as many people as possible (independently from whether they click or convert), then this is the right option for you.
  • Website visits – in some cases, instead of spreading brand awareness on LinkedIn, you may want to take users outside of it – in other words, to your progressive web app. Select this objective if you want more people to click on your ad and go to PWA – in this case, your campaign will be shown to the people who are most likely to click on your ads.
  • Engagement – in other cases, what you may be looking for when promoting your PWA on LinkedIn is to get more engagement on your posts. This will typically mean likes, shares, comments or views, as well as follows on your Company Page. If you select this objective, your ad will also include a Follow button.
  • Video views – this objective is quite self-explanatory. If what you are looking for is to drive more views to your video, select this option. In this case, LinkedIn’s optimization goal will be to get as many people as possible to watch your video.
  • Lead generation – with this objective, you will be able to promote your PWA on LinkedIn through the platform’s native lead gen forms. These forms tend to be highly efficient because they auto-fill users’ data by extracting it directly from their profiles. To learn more about lead gen forms, click here.
  • Website conversions – if you select this option, your campaign will be shown to people who are most likely to perform a valuable action on your progressive web app, such as ebook downloads or form submits. However, keep in mind that you will have to configure conversions first before you are able to launch campaigns. You can read more about conversions here.
  • Job applicants – and last but not least, you also have the option to promote job opportunities at your company. If you select this objective, your campaign will be shown to people who are more likely to click on your job ads.

Note: keep in mind that not all objectives support all ad formats. This means that, if you select a particular objective and you are not seeing the ad format that you were planning to use for your campaign, you might need to select another one. For more information about LinkedIn campaign objectives, click here.

4. Define your audience

The next step to promoting your PWA on LinkedIn is to define your segmentation. In other words, what is the target audience for your progressive web app? Who are you trying to appeal to? What people could get the most value from your app? In most cases, it will coincide with your overall business objectives, and the ones that you have for your regular website.

Promote your PWA on LinkedIn: Target Audience

There are multiple criteria that you can choose from your audience, including:

  • Company – businesses with particular growth rate, companies that fall within a certain category, company names and industries are only a few of the attributes that you can select for your campaign.
  • Demographics – is your app appealing to a certain gender or age? You can refine your audience to certain demographics.
  • Education – you can use these criteria to reach professional who has pursued a specific degree, or have studied in a particular member school.
  • Job experience – undoubtedly, one of the most powerful and unique segmentation criteria attributes. You can target by Job Seniority, Job Function, Job Titles, Member Skills, or Years of Experience.
  • Interests – want to target people who are members of particular LinkedIn Groups, or have certain interests? Then this is the filter for you.

If you want to promote your PWA on LinkedIn effectively, make sure that:

  • You make your audience as specific as possible, preferrably less than 100,000 users; otherwise, you will dilute your budget and not get enough data to work with.
  • If possible, only target one country per campaign. In other words, it is better to make several smaller campaigns rather than a big one with multiple countries in it.
  • Bid above the recommended minimum – once you’ve finished building your audience, LinkedIn will always suggest a minimum recommended bid based on competitors and advertisers that are using similar audiences. We highly suggest that you don’t bid below that, otherwise your campaign may not get the traction it needs.
  • A/B test constantly – testing different audiences, ad copies and ad creatives is crucial for optimizing your segmentation and getting the best results for your budget.
  • Support your decision with data – in today’s digital era, collecting and understanding your data is absolutely essential for reaching the right target audience. Make sure to use your analytics tools to carefully examine and analyze your data to make better and more informed decisions.

And of course, do not forget to test out different ad formats because you may be surprised at what works well for you. As we mentioned previously, one of the biggest benefits of progressive web apps is that they can be accessed with a single URL – which means that you can promote your PWA on LinkedIn with any ad format that you like. There are no limitations, maybe except for Job Applicants because you always take them to a Company Page – but the same thing applies to websites, too, and it doesn’t have to do with PWAs.

5. Launch your campaign

Now that you have your target audience, just add your ad creatives and copies, and you are ready to launch your first campaign!

Progressive web apps are a great way to establish your mobile presence in a way that’s more user-friendly and accessible for your audience since they can access your URL directly and without the need to pass through app stores.

They are light, fast, and can work offline, even if the user doesn’t have a stable connection. For this reason, they can also be promoted much more easily than their native counterparts.

If you don’t have a progressive web app yet, don’t worry – you can create on in the matter of minutes, and start promoting it on LinkedIn in the very same day. What are you waiting for? Try Beezer and promote your PWA on LinkedIn right away!

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