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Renegade Gym

Discover how Renegade Gym has streamlined its online presence, improved its SEO, and made fitness class bookings easy with Beezer.

Renegade is a gym company whose business model combines stand-out personal service levels and on-site corporate offerings. Renegade Fitness + Performance, launched by Colin and Kirsty Ryder in 2014, now operate on multiple sites across Scotland.

Renegade faced the following challenges:

  • The existing website lacked functionality and up-to-date information about the Renegade business.
  • Customers were unable to find Renegade easily via Search Engines.
  • The Renegade team was focussed on core business, and did not have an in-house IT team.
  • Booking systems not easily available to customers, with many bookings being taken over the phone.

The solution? A Beezer progressive web app which covered Renegade’s full web presence – mobile app and desktop website.

Renegade’s previous website now re-routes to the Beezer PWA. The app allows gym users to book classes using an embedded 3rd party BookWhen component. Information about their gyms, memberships and fitness classes can be accessed via the app and easily updated by the Renegade team using the Beezer platform.

The latest fitness challenges are published to gym users via the app, and users can get in touch directly using the Contact Us page and form.

The Renegade progressive Web App is indexed by Google and Bing, which means that customers can easily find and access the app without needing to download anything from the app stores.

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