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TEDx Glasgow

Discover how TedX got over 75% of delegates at its Glasgow conference to install its progressive web app, amplifying access to information and ongoing communication.

Pauline Houston

Head of Partnerships, TEDx Glasgow

TEDx Glasgow needed a fully comprehensive mobile event app that guests at The SEC Armadillo in Glasgow could use.

The app had to provide relevant information for guests, especially those from out of town who would need more help accessing the event and making their way around.

As a one-off annual event, the cost of developing an app would’ve been a massive expense. Luckily, Beezer was here to help make sure TEDx Glasgow could have a fully responsive app that didn’t need an enormous amount of upkeep or development time.

Beezer created a mobile event app for all 1600 guests during the event. The app could be shared by TEDx Glasgow via SMS and e-mail through the distribution dashboard provided by Beezer. Users had the opportunity to install the app on their phone and opt-in to receive push notifications on the day.

The app allowed delegates to view agendas, sessions, sponsors, venue maps and twitter feeds. This meant the entire event programme was at their fingertips without the need for expensive print collateral.

“The Beezer conference app builder was great to work with and was fab at offering guidance on how to get the most from the APP. We are really happy we worked with Beezer for the TEDxGlasgow APP.”

Comments and Votes from each section of the App could be collated to understand where the event could be improved in future years and which sessions provided the most engagement levels. Over 1600 votes were gathered and over 150 comments.

Guests found the mobile conference app easy to use and navigate, enabling them to access vital information throughout the day. Over 75% of the delegates installed the App onto their device with even more accessing the browser version of the Progressive Web App.

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