Why Use Beezer’s Progressive Web App Solution – Your Questions Answered

Answering Your Questions

Due to Beezer.com’s recent successful pitch on Dragons’ Den, we’ve noticed a huge increase in your general interest in our Progressive Web App (PWA) solution. Many of you have been asking what it is that makes us different? Or, even why not simply build an app in the traditional way? So, we thought it would be a good time to answer your questions as well as showcase some of the great ways our platform has been used.

Why Beezer.com?

“At the moment businesses don’t have a choice. They’re forced between do I have an app or don’t I. Instead of thinking, there’s actually a different way of doing this.” Deborah Meaden – Dragons’ Den Traditionally you would have considered using an agency to help design and build your app. This however, can often turn out to be both a time consuming and costly process which, ultimately produces very little value in return (many apps struggle to get the downloads needed from an app store). Our Progressive Web App solution is packaged in a self-build format which makes it very easy for you to build your own app. You simply need to choose your preferred design template and customise it by adding as many pages, images and any other content you might need. It really is that easy.  This is not all, arguably the best part of our solution is that it completely bypasses the app store. Once you’re ready, you can send a link directly to your customer database via SMS, email and social media channels. And there’s even more, push notifications can be sent as and when you need to promote any new features or offers you might have.

Who’s Using Our Solution?

Now that we’ve given you more detail on ‘Why’, it’s time to go into ‘Who’. With our easy to use and distribute solution, we’re signing up hundreds of new accounts every week. Not only are we excited to see our platform in such high demand, we’re thrilled to see we can help meet the needs of many different organisations with hugely varying challenges. Here are a few examples for you to see:

TEDx Glasgow


TedxGlasgow Progressive Web App Case Study

“The Beezer platform was great to work with and was fab at offering guidance on how to get the most from the app. We are really happy with worked with Beezer.” Pauline Houston – Head of Partnership TEDx Glasgow  On the 1st of June 2018 TEDx Glasgow gathered over 3000 delegates at an event held in the SECC Armadillo. The event organisers were keen to contact all attendees throughout the day with useful information (including agendas and twitter feeds) and they wanted to collate session feedback to help inform future events. With a turn around time of only 1 month, they were able to build their app using our self-build solution and send out a link to all attending delegates. This in itself was a huge achievement however, the TEDx team went further by managing a download rate of 75% which is a phenomenal success.

The Old School


The Old School Progressive Web App Case Study

Beezer.com solved all of our website issues and gave us the added advantage of having a mobile app to book appointments – it’s great!” Stuart Mcfarlane, International Master Barber at The Old School The Old School is a traditional gentleman’s barber shop with a fresh twist – the Glasgow based team offer the service you would expect of a barber shop whilst focussing on modern styles & providing an up-to-date environment for their customers to enjoy.  Their challenge was two-fold; they needed to incorporate all their social media channels in one space and provide an easy booking solution for their customers to use. By using our platform, the team were able to offer bookings at the touch of a button (simply by integrating fresha.com) and, they were also able to incorporate all of their social media accounts easily. As an added bonus, our push notification feature enabled The Old School to send offer details (or other news) to their customer-base when needed.

Mastering Primary Maths


Mastering Primary Maths Progressive Web App Case Study

Mastering Primary Maths provides additional support and resources for teachers, tutors and parents’ alike with the aim of guiding maths’ students through their learning journey in an engaging way. The team at Mastering Primary Maths needed to clearly categories all materials by academic year and incorporate a payment solution for those wishing to subscribe. Beezer.com helped Mastering Primary Maths meet both of these challenges – we were able to integrate tes.com quickly (which pulled through their existing payment solution) and, we provide numerous options to help build a clearly categorised layout.  

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