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mobile app features

Mobile App Marketing: The 7 Biggest Mistakes

What are the biggest mobile app marketing mistakes that companies make in the rise of mobile consumption, and what can they do to fix them? Keep on reading for more! In 2017, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic for the first … Read More

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app analytics benefits

6 Awesome App Analytics Benefits (Native & PWA)

Every app was created for a reason and with a specific goal in mind. Whether it was for business growth or an increase in net revenue, companies don’t spend thousands of dollars just to have an app out there on … Read More

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Leverage PWAs To Build A Successful Online Business

Up until a few years ago, it was hard for any entrepreneur looking to build an online business to find technology that could replicate the experience of a native mobile app. But, with mobile accessibility becoming an integral aspect of … Read More

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aso keyword research

5 Steps for ASO Keyword Research That Work (Tutorial)

According to InternetLiveStats, Google’s search engine processes an average of 40,000 search queries every single second. Undoubtedly, a mind-blowing number that translates to 3.5 billion searches every day, or more than 1.2 trillion searches per year on a global scale. These … Read More

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app development questions

6 Popular App Development Questions in 2021 (Answered)

Building a native mobile app requires a lot of time, research, and strategic planning before the end result can see light and become visible on the market. Considering that a single app can cost thousand of dollars only to be … Read More

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content marketing for apps

Content Marketing for Apps: 5 Steps for Success (in 2021)

When it comes to developing an effective Digital Marketing strategy for your app, Content Marketing is definitely one of the most important aspects to keep in mind. As Bill Gates said back in 1996, “Content is king” – and this … Read More

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market your app with social media

7 Ways to Market Your App on Social Media

What are some of the best ways to market your app on social media? Keep on reading to find out more! So, you just created an awesome app for your business. That’s great! You are one step closer to getting … Read More

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creating an event app

Creating an Event App: Top 3 Challenges +The Best Solutions

Events are stressful, but with Beezer you can house all of the pre-event information that you need to communicate in one interactive and engaging app. … Read More

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build a mobile presence

9 Solid Reasons to Build a Mobile Presence Today

If having a mobile presence meant solid competitive advantage for businesses just a few years ago, nowadays it is an absolute must for every company that has the ambition to become successful, and to position itself as a leader within … Read More

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loyalty card benefits

9 Loyalty Card Benefits for Businesses (and Customers!)

What are loyalty cards, and what are some of the biggest loyalty card benefits for customers and businesses? Keep on reading to learn more! Acquiring new customers is a challenging task for many companies across practically all industries. It requires … Read More

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increase app revenue

Top 6 Ways to Increase App Revenue for Your Business

What are some of the best ways to increase app revenue for your company? Keep reading to learn more! Despite the technological advancements in this direction, investing in mobile app development still requires a lot of budget set aside to … Read More

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Beezer Launches Custom Domains

You can now make your Beezer app fully your own, with a custom domain. As many of you already know, Beezer is a platform that lets you simply and easily, with no coding or technical knowledge whatsoever, build your own … Read More

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create a workout app

How to Create a Workout App in 3 Easy Steps (Today!)

The global coronavirus outbreak had an unquestionable impact across hundreds of sectors – and the health & fitness industry wasn’t an exception. The quarantine-imposed regulations made millions of people switch their routine from exercising at the gym or outdoors to … Read More

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No App Downloads? 6 Solid Reasons to Bypass App Stores

You invested a lot of money on mobile app development, but you are barely getting any app downloads? Keep on reading to discover some of the most solid reasons to bypass app stores – and more importantly, how to do … Read More

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progressive enhancement benefits

Top 7 Progressive Enhancement Benefits (for PWAs)

What are some of the most essential progressive enhancement benefits for your web page or progressive web app? Keep reading to find out! In March 2003, the web design industry was stunned by the innovative concept of progressive enhancement introduced … Read More

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custom domain name

What is a Custom Domain Name? +7 Awesome Must-Know Benefits

In the real world, customers can easily find your business by jumping into their vehicle and visiting your physical address with the help of Google Maps. But of course, the address doesn’t really mean anything by itself – except on … Read More

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mobile presence

5 Awesome Ways in Which PWAs can Boost Your Mobile Presence

If you own a SME or independent business, the idea of having a mobile app has certainly popped up on your radar. Current trends suggest that this is not merely a creative decision, but an increasingly necessary part of commercial success.
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pwa technology

PWA Technology: The Fundamentals (Explained in 3 Steps)

As the next wave of mobile web is arriving, there is no doubt that Progressive Web Apps are going to play an important part of it. By combining the best of native apps and websites, they not only provide an … Read More

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create a pwa

How to Create a PWA in 3 Easy Steps

We walk you through the process of making and publishing a progressive web app, and how a Beezer subscription can make it much easier. Click here for more. … Read More

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increase app engagement

The Ultimate 10 Ways to Increase App Engagement

Companies invest a lot of money and efforts into developing an app, but what’s the point of building one if users don’t really engage with it? Nowadays, optimizing and marketing your app the right way is absolutely crucial for understanding … Read More

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